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Learning Resources

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Long Term Plans

As an experienced Curriculum Leader, I have spent years designing the curriculum for the school I have taught in. All of my tutoring sessions are linked to the National Curriculum or GCSE assessment objectives.

Year 7 

Coming soon:

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Medium Term Plans

Every half term there is a new topic for my students. At the end of each half term I complete an informal assessment with students so I can feedback on progress at least six times in an academic year. 

Year 7 Autumn Term 1.1

Year 8 Autumn Term 1.1

Year 9 Autumn 1.1

Year 10 Autumn 1.1

Year 11 Autumn 1.1 

Example lesson materials

Here are some examples of lesson materials. As an outstanding teacher, I will always plan every lesson with a lesson objective and success criteria. Always including a range of teaching and learning strategies. Along with a range of differentiation to meet the needs of every individual. All lessons use google slides and docs so student and tutor can be on 'live' together.

Year 7 Transition lesson

Year 8 Dystopian Fiction Lesson

Year 10/11 Macbeth Lesson

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